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Who We Are

With an integrated Management System manufacturing facility certified with ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 14001: Environmental Management System, ISO 18001: Occupational Health and Safety, with that I have the great honor to lead the business of my father, the late Mr. Ahmed Ramadhan Juma. As President of the ARJ Group of companies, I am proud to set the strategy and direction of Al Aweer Trading Co. ‘Al Aweer’, working to grow our business with Rory McCarthy the Executive Director and his team.

Founded in 1981, Al Aweer is a leading water technology company in the United Arab Emirates. Our employees’ knowledge of water, partnerships with international companies and broad business networks makes Al Aweer a reputable water technology products and services provider. We are a growth company driven to expand, by moving our brands into new geographical areas and business channels. We are committed to our customers, who are always at the center of our thinking.

Our drive for the water technology market is in our DNA. We provide the technology to pump, store, treat, heat and service water. Our objective is that your water system comes from Al Aweer, and we exist to serve you. We provide the engineering knowledge and technology to make water work. We are humbled to serve key clients and have delivered water solutions to landmark regional projects including the Burj Khalifa Development, Dubai Marina Mall, Bay Central Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and many more.

We carefully select our business partners based on exclusivity, commitment to research and development and a future road map, anticipating customers changing needs. Al Aweer has a passionate, talented and experienced workforce that is proud to serve all business segments including the Residential, Commercial, Agriculture, Irrigation and Municipal industries.

Our business is well established in the United Arab Emirates and has extensive retail outlets, distribution through dealer and direct sales through our projects team. Our team is here to help you by providing you with the technology and applications to deliver and manage water.

Shahab Juma
Group Chairman

Al Aweer trading Co. LLC


“Al Aweer delivers world class water technology solutions for the pumping, storage, heating treatment and servicing of water in the United Arab Emirates.”

Al Aweer trading Co. LLC


“To be the leading company driving the water technology industry forward, providing innovative technologies and solutions to customers in the United Arab Emirates that make a sustainable change in the way water is used.”

About ARJ Group

Al Aweer trading Co. LLC Ahmed Ramadhan Juma Group is a multinational company that started in Dubai in 1964. Our core business is building services. We have four separate divisions: water technology, electrical and electromechanical engineering, real estate development and private equity investment. We are expanding into new areas that include landscaping, construction, and construction equipment. Our organisation represents some of the world's biggest firms and our clients are governments and large global players.

We aim to become a foremost provider in the electromechanical, building, construction and landscaping product and service industry in the GCC, and we have a strategy to this end. Essentially we are a firm of engineers, finance and human resource professionals, and business managers. We employee over 1000 people in 4 countries yet our reach is global.

1964 marks our beginning. Our founder Mr. Ahmed Ramadhan Juma, a name that remains synonymous with self-respect, dependability, and modesty. The business back then concerned the sale of water pumps as it does today, though now we are ARJ Holding, a group of companies, Our core businesses serve the building and construction industry, in water pump assembly and sales, electrical and electromechanical engineering, property development, sales and leasing, and landscaping. With the corporate headquarters in Dubai, you will also find our offices in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India.

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