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DAB surface pumps are used in a variety of different applications including;

Residential & Commercial Building Services

DAB provides solutions for the residential and commercial buildings services sector including Residential water pressure boosting, drinking water pressurization and gardening applications pumps and motors with self and Non-self-priming, highly efficient high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump

Swimming Pool:

Self-priming centrifugal high-performance electric pumps, with an incorporated high capacity pre-filter and a completely watertight motor that is extremely silent and highly reliable. Developed for the circulation and filtration of water in domestic and residential swimming pools. Suitable for special applications, requiring the handling of aggressive liquids, such as fish farming, agriculture, and industry. The DAB Water Technology family of swimming pools products and applications.

Heating and Air Conditioning:

A growing global population is resulting in the rise of a greater number of buildings, many of which require climate control in combination with efficient energy and water consumption to promote healthy and comfortable living. Al Aweer provides energy efficient pumps, boosters, circulators and controllers supplied by DAB Water Technology.